Excursions In The Dark

Kaya Behkalam’s film, Excursions in the Dark, recently won the Dialogue Award at the European Media Art Festival in Osnabrueck, Germany. This film gives the viewer insight into the empty streets of Cairo after the midnight curfew took place and what’s interesting is how during the weeks that followed, Kaya was building an account of “dream-memories” that people had the nights before.

“Until recently I used to see in the future in my dreams. A few weeks ago I dreamt of a kid in my house and then some days later my son told me his wife was expecting a child. This sort of prediction happened many times. Lately I went to a Sheikh and told him about this. He told me: Now that you have lifted this secret, it won’t happen again. And so it was. I can’t remember my dreams anymore.”

Watch an excerpt from the film.