A New Partnership Announced Between Caspian Arts Foundation and Lahd Gallery

A new partnership was formed between Caspian Arts Foundation and Lahd Gallery on 23 May, 2014. The partnership will be of particular importance in its contribution towards supporting the Caspian Arts Foundation Visual Art MA Scholarships, supporting young aspiring artists from the MENA region to further their knowledge and skills in their field. The agreement was signed by founder of Lahd Gallery, H.H Princess Nauf Bendar Al Saud and the founder of Caspian Arts Foundation, Nina Mahdavi.

HH Nauf AlBendar says,

‘We are honored to be supporting a vision such as portrayed by Caspian Arts Foundation, which tackles what we lack most in Middle Eastern creative sectors: Education.’

Nina Mahdavi of Caspian Arts Foundation said:

“It is a huge pleasure to create a unique partnership with Lahd Gallery, which is known for supporting emerging talent from the Middle East, North Africa and South Asian countries. It is of great importance to Caspian Arts Foundation to forge new partnerships particularly where it comes to paving the way for young artists to further their education and nurture their artistic abilities.

Not enough financial support is given to students in the region at large and we are grateful to be receiving this support from Lahd Gallery that will be put towards the MA Scholarships in the Visual Arts.

We look forward to working closely with Lahd Gallery and to continue giving such unique opportunities to some of the next generation of artists in the region.”

The Caspian Arts Foundation MA Visual Arts Scholarship is now available for application through its open call and will be awarded when its Selection Panel comes together in the Summer.

Notes to Editor:

About Caspian Arts Foundation
Caspian Arts Foundation was established in 2011 by its founder Nina Mahdavi. The main intention is focused around supporting education in the creative sectors in the Middle East through awarding a series of scholarships in post-graduate studies at some of the colleges at University of the Arts London, as well as raising awareness through symposiums, the need for Universities and Schools within the Middle East to introduce and increase the availability of the arts & humanities as a form of education to its students. The Foundation also lends support to platforms that advance knowledge in the arts and education to a wider audience through both public and educational programmes in London as well as in the Middle East.


About Lahd Gallery
Lahd Gallery was founded in 2005 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Representing emerging and established artists, we bring together the leading contemporary art works from the MENASA region (Middle East, North Africa and South Asia). Originally set up as a focal point for women artists from the Gulf, the gallery soon became a well-known exhibition space on the contemporary art scene. In 2010 the gallery moved to London and has over the last eight years become the foremost gallery promoting exclusively contemporary MENASA art.

For more information please visit www.lahdgallery.com