Caspian Arts Foundation 2014/15 Scholarship Recipient announced

We are delighted to announce Panos Aprahimian as the recipient for Caspian Arts Foundation MA Visual Art Scholarship 2014 / 15. The Selection Panel for this year’s award was attended by Nina Mahdavi, founder of Caspian Arts Foundation, Tessa Jackson, CEO of Iniva, Alessio Antoniolli, Director of Gasworks, and course Directors at University of the Arts London.

This year’s recipient has shown vision and sense of purpose in wanting to pursue a higher level of education, a quality that is greatly supported in all the artists the foundation has supported to date.

Aprahimian received a BA in Audiovisual Production and Animation from the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts and has worked as a producer, documentary editor and writer and took part in the Lebanese Institute of Plastic Arts Ashkal Alwan (2014/15) under the tutelage of E-Flux magazine founder Anton Vidolke and editor Brian Kuan Wood.

Panos Aprahimian has written the following response upon receiving the award:

“In Lebanon there are no viable educational programs focusing on this subject matter and so I must seek options abroad, I am incapable of doing so without financial aid. Receiving this scholarship also means I can live, for the duration of the program, in a new city that will enable opportunities and means for education outside the course with a wealth of libraries and museums; both institutions lacking in the Middle-East. I can learn from and meet professionals that explored the narrative broadcast and artistic types of documentary, in addition to providing me with the adequate tools to handle the critical and sensitive portrayal of the region as it changes today.

Ultimately with this I can return home with a high-grade, critical education and leverage that will enable presence and momentum in the field and in academia. These qualifications will help me pierce through and energize the medium for needed change. I look forward to passing on all I learn, personally and through my work, to other colleagues and the future youth, fuelling the new wave of media activists, journalists, and artists in the Middle East.

Aprahimian is an MA Candidate in Documentary Film at London College of Communication (UAL), and will commence his course in January 2015.