Iran-UK Sonic Residency with London College of Communication

Dates of residency: December 9th-22nd 2013

Application deadline: September 24th 2013

Applications are welcome for a two week residency in London for emerging Iranian sonic artists and digital music producers living in Iran or the wider the Middle East, North Africa or South Asia region. The residency, covers travel, costs and accommodation and takes place from December 9-22nd 2013. It is supported by Six Pillars, the London College of Communication – University of the Arts London and Southbank Centre.

The line between sound art and music is continually and increasingly blurred. The performative possibilities of sound art are different than that for music, which generally adheres to certain rules and ‘entertains’. What cannot always be expressed in music however, is attainable in sound art, a genre of digital production that today is growing in Iran. Yet sound art cannot and never will turn it’s back entirely on music as both a point of reference and a source of inspiration and music will never be the same now that sound has become an accepted art form. By investing in a group of Iranians working with sound and music, we hope to engage two cultures in a dialogue, increasing understanding and opportunities between countries. The selected applicants will share their learning and experiences through digital media, and hold workshops on their return home in order to spread at least a part of what they have experienced here in the UK. Meanwhile the hosting institution, London College of Communication, will in its own way be influenced and enriched by the presence of Iranians working in sound and music and which the university have said will be a highlight of their academic year.

Successful applicants will receive two weeks intense training with top music professionals in London and will collaborate as a group with electronic musicians, artists and academics in one of the UK’s most vibrant arts universities.

From music programming software to collaborative performance, the residency covers aspects of producing in various musical styles. During the two weeks participants will explore means of production for both music and sonic art, and how to succeed in today’s digital music industry from anywhere in the world. One of the main outcomes of the residency is that our small group of participants will collaborate with UK musicians, advanced sound art students and a professional music producer on a group public performance in the renowned London venue: Southbank Centre.

The Sound Art department of London College of Communication is a creative hub of sonic arts students and inspiring course leaders, with a reputation in exploring sound art practice. The department benefits from an experimental approach and access to specialised equipment and is headed by an established sound artist who herself has published books on the subject.

The residency programme will provide a platform for those working with sound and music from Iran and the UK to meet and develop by exchanging ideas and working together. The program aims to encourage a wider engagement and dialogue between the electronic scenes of Iran and the art-music scene in the UK, and through the participants’ records of their learning and the subsequent workshops they will hold (see requirements of the application in the application form), a lasting impact on Iranians interested in sound and music.

For more information on the London College of Communication, visit their website:

Offered by the residency:
● Economy class return flight to London
● Public transport from the airport to town centre
● Visa application costs (only application costs, please see below)
● Accommodation, single rooms
● Basic daily expenses, including travel to the university

Not offered:
● Travel or accommodation or any other expenses aside from the actual fee for the visa application
● Health and/ or travel insurance and any medication or vaccinations
● Additional subsistence costs i.e. money for phone calls, snacks, drinks or entertainment outside the programme etc.
● Private transportation at any time
● Any additional costs while in the UK outside of the residency programme

We can offer advice on arranging for a temporary visa for successful applicants. We will be able to cover the actual Visa application costs, but not any costs to travel to collect the visa, any other expenses or accommodation during the wait. We will also assist the delegates with their visa application by providing a formal invitation letter to the UK.

Necessary Requirements:
● A satisfactory working knowledge of English
● Iran as country of birth
● To arrive without fail in the UK by 9th December to begin the project
● Proven musical production skills
● Some performance skills
● Proven interest in sharing (e.g. blogging), community projects, writing or tutoring
● Availability for Skype interviews (in English) the final week of September and the first week of November 2013
● Be able to financially complete the entire application process (travel for visa applications for example, will not be covered)
● Be able to fund the airfares to UK and visa costs up front for reimbursement later
● Show a commitment to completing the project successfully to the best of your abilities
● To be able to cover the costs of travel and accommodation for visa application (not for reimbursement)
● Be able to work in a group and towards a shared outcome
● A commitment to sharing the learning and skills gained in the project, via active video logging or blogging during and after the two weeks residency, once it has ended

● Acoustic or vocal musical abilities, either classical or folk

To Apply:
Applicants must
● Supply 2 examples of their music in streamable .mp3 format as links
● Complete the application form
● Be available for Skype interviews between 25th September and 1st of November 2013
● Be willing to sign and adhere to an agreement of conduct for the length of the project

Deadlines for applications is 5pm GMT (UK time) 24th September on 2013

Click HERE for application form

Completed forms and links for mp3s should be sent, with “SONIC RESIDENCY” in the subject line to:

NB – if you do not use the subject line SONIC RESIDENCY you risk your application being overlooked

For more information www.sixpillars.org/IranUK

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